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    Full automatic double punching die servo press

    1. Detailed information

    Performance characteristics:

    1. The host adopts servo motor and large module double enveloping worm gear

    2. Double servo stamping device


    This machine adopts servo motor drive, can be arbitrary change location, steady running, more major is the mechanical stamping stamping part adopts the most advanced servo now, compared with the traditional pneumatic and hydraulic more practical, energy saving, and easy to understand, pressure can be arbitrary adjust the size, position more downy curve, energy consumption only a quarter of their pressure, but also with open mould device, to do a mould opening ear cup and other products.PLC computer control, LCD screen interface operation, parameters can be monitored and adjusted.

    Scope of application:

    Applicable to all kinds of water cups, cups, bowls, dishes, ashtrays and other glassware products.